Installer Services Portal

The Installer Services portal provides intuitive management for all of our services - including cellular, Remote Connect and Home Control. Use the mobile-friendly website to view consolidated invoices for all Bosch services, access your agreements, manage your company’s Installer Services portal users and see pricing information all in one location.

Bosch associates are available to assist you with any Installer Services issue - whether it’s account setup, pricing information, technical support and more. One call or email gets you fast, end-to-end support from a dedicated Installer Services team member.



Bosch Cellular

Bosch cellular services are designed specifically for security applications. A range of cost-effective data plans for multiple carriers allow you to right-size the service for each customer. Whether the installation calls for simple back-up, primary commercial communication, high security or primary fire, Bosch has a customized service plan to fit.

Through the cellular connection, your customers also have access to our free Remote Security Control app, enabling remote command and control of their security systems from a mobile device. They can also receive personal notifications of events via text messages or email.

Bosch Cellular Installation Manual

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Home Control

Your customers can have easy control of their security and their homes or businesses with just a tap on their mobile devices. The Bosch SmartHome controller make this simple with seamless integration of our B and G Series Control Panels with a range of wireless devices for automated control of homes and businesses.

Offer customized automation to your customers with connected systems that control security, lighting, heating, cooling and more all from a smartphone or tablet. Once installed, your customers operate the system using the Remote Security Plus app or Internet-connected computers.

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Remote Connect

Our Remote Connect cloud service makes it easier to connect to B and G Series control panels by eliminating the need to change customer router settings, firewall rules or to use Domain Name Service (DNS) to access the systems remotely.

Simply create a services account and plug the panel into the network using the on-board Ethernet port or a cellular communication connection. The panel reaches out to the cloud without the need to configure the customer’s network for inbound communications. The connection allows the Remote Security Control app and our Remote Programming Software (RPS) to connect securely from anywhere. Use RPS to make programming changes, firmware updates and run diagnostics remotely to reduce costly service visits.

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