B Series - Primary Cell

Enabling Sole Path Cellular

To enable sole path cellular communications on Bx512 control panel:

  1. Select Panel Wide Parameters: Sole-Path (1)
  2. Under Panel Wide Parameters, Select Communication. Sole-Path (2) Sole-Path (3)
  3. Change your Primary Path Device to Cellular IP Path 1. Sole-Path (4)
  4. Next, go to Enhanced Communication. 7
  5. Double-Click the Network address to input your Central Station Receiver’s IP address. Sole-Path (5)
  6. Set your Supervision Time. Note: this should also match what is in your central station receiver to eliminate erroneous communication trouble. Sole-Path (6)

Be sure to notify you Central Station to add your area 1 account number, supervision rate and enable the receiver for Resynchronization.

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